Analytics: Measuring So You Can Manage

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    Free Webinar: Thursday Aug 28 at 2:00 EST

    Do you feel like you’re taking a stab in the dark when making improvements to your website? With analytics, you won’t need to guess; you will know. We’re taking an in-depth look at analytics and how it helps improve your website. What is analytics and why do you need to care? How do you distinguish what the right metrics are for your business and how are they used to improve your site? By attending this webinar, you will no longer be guessing if you’re making the right decisions. Instead, you will be making the proper improvements to turn visitors into customers. 

    We’ll Cover:

    • Analytics: What they Are & Why You Need To Care
    • Stop Guessing: Don’t Sell Everyone The Same Way
    • KPI’s: The Right Measurement For Your Business
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    Analytics: Measuring So You Can Manage
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