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  • Are You Using The Right Social Channels?

    When it comes to starting out with your social media campaign, it’s important to figure out which platforms work best for your brand. You shouldn’t be trying to market on every   channel. There’s simply too many and not every platform is going to be beneficial to your company. Within this video, we discuss 4 […]

  • Social Strategies For B2B

    Many times we hear from companies that social media is strictly for B2C, and there really is no room for it in B2B marketing. If you feel the same way, then you are likely missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Social media can be a great tool for B2B marketing. In fact, 87% of […]

  • Starting A Social Ad Campaign

    Facebook is continuously evolving, and in the past couple years, it’s transforming into a mobile ap. Out of 1.32 billion monthly users, 399 million of them strictly use Facebook on their cellphones. Because of this, it’s important to have a Facebook mobile ad campaign. In the following video, we discuss how to get your mobile […]

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    How To Use Facebook Mobile Ads To Drive Traffic

    Have you ever considered the amount of people who access Facebook from their mobile devices? Out of the 1.32 billion people that use Facebook each month, 399 million of them only use Facebook through their mobile phone. So essentially, Facebook is becoming more of a mobile app than a desktop app. So ask yourself, “Should […]

  • Social Media In The New Year

    Social Media has integrated itself as a go-to source in digital marketing. It’s also continuously evolving with new ideas. So sit back, relax and enjoy episode 6 of the Digital Lunch Break as we discuss new trends with social media.