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  • Analytics Are Your Answer

    The answers to your questions are at your finger tips.  All of the questions that you have about your marketing efforts, website performance, and what people are doing on your site are right there, inside your analytics data. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers still aren’t looking at this information on a regular basis.  The […]

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    Google’s Latest Update

    Yup, we have another update. There was a post on Google+ by a Google UK member that tells about this latest release that started rolling out last week and is expected to be completed this week sometime.  The primary purpose for this update is to filter out, yet more of what Google is calling “thin” […]

  • Content Marketing

    Is Content Marketing A Thing?

    I just read a post by Michael Brenner where he posed the question, Is Content Marketing A Thing. He’s surrounding this question about content marketing around other digital marketing “things” like social media, the internet and the mobile internet. All of these are understood by everyone as “things” but the question remains, do people consider […]

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    3 Part Strategy For Quality Traffic

    Ask most business people about what they are doing, online to get more traffic and you will commonly hear things like seo, ppc, display advertising, email marketing, Facebook, or Twitter.These are not uncommon responses and they are really explaining the way that most people view digital marketing. These are tactics and when people are talking […]

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    Do You Hear Crickets From Your Website?

    Where To Start As with any business plan, you start with a very clear understanding of what is happening right now.  For your online traffic, you start by pulling the reports from your website’s analytics software (you do have analytics set up on your site, right). There are a lot of software packages available for […]

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    Where Is All My Traffic?!?!

    Let’s make the assumption that you have this sensational, golden-polished website. It’s ready to bring in customers, keep them engaged, make sales and spread to others.  You have it all played out in your head: traffic starts out steady and consistent and your site continues to experience exponential growth, creating great leads and sales for […]

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    The Metric For Quality Traffic

    Bounce rates are one of the misunderstood metrics. Are they all bad? What does a bounce mean? What should it be? These are all questions that are asked about bounce rates. Take a look at our latest infographic on bounce rates.

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    3 Segments To Get Started

    Today, were going to explore how to start segmenting your website analytics so that you can get more actionable-information from this data. There are 3 categories that will align with most of your business goals and segment really well with your analytics; Acquisition Behavior Outcomes Acquisition: This category refers to the effort and activities that […]

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    Start Segmenting Your Analytics

    When you commit to review your website’s analytics on a regular schedule, you’ll quickly find that all data that is not separated into categories will give you very little valuable information.  It’s not until you start to break that data out by categories that you can get some real action-able information from it.  I think […]

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    The CIA Way

    On June 6th, 2014 the Central Intelligence Agency (yup, that CIA) posted it’s very first tweet. As of today, July 15, 2014 that tweet has over 300,000 retweets! Yup, the single most serious, tight shirt, button down organization in the US is a rock star! How, you ask? It turns out that the CIA has […]