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    Nobody’s Going To Read It Anyway!

    Wait! What! All you’ve been hearing lately is that you have to have content, more content, and even more content for your website, blog, and social posts. Now I’m telling you that nobody’s going to read all that content?!?! Now what am I supposed to do? Ok, give me just a second to explain. 3 […]

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    The Death of Digital Marketing

    WHAT!!! How can that be? That was my reaction when I saw a recent article with the headline Digital Marketing Should Be Dead.  As a digital agency, just seeing a headline like that sent chills up my spine and as you can imagine, I dove into that article to try to figure out exactly what […]

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    Let’s Just Copy That Website

    One of the foundations to digital marketing success is consistent, relevant content, and there is nothing more labor intensive and for many, down right painful, than creating consistent and relevant content. One of the most popular responses to the content crisis is to find a competitor’s, vendor’s or association’s website that has some good content, […]

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    So…You Want Some SEO

    SEO has become the word for anything to do with search marketing.  I want SEO is the comment that we hear most often from business owners and marketing managers on a regular basis. Because this term has become so ubiquitous I thought this would be a great opportunity to take a second to 1) define […]

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    Measure Your Promoted Tweets ROI

    Twitter is getting into the advertising arena…not really new information, but recently they started providing tracking code for your promoted tweets. This enables you to measure your ROI by letting you know which of your website visitors started on your promoted tweet. To start tracking your traffic from your promoted tweets, log into your Twitter […]

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    But…You Used To Like Me!

    You have worked tirelessly to build your email list, then out of nowhere your list starts to errode.  Open rates have decreased, unsubscribe rates have gone up, and your click through rate, well let’s just say that it’s just too embarrassing to talk about. What Happened? First, don’t take it personally.  Experts tell us that […]